Straight from the metaverse
Introducing Mighty Dinos! Prehistoric creatures roam a planet where there was never a mass extinction event. 10,000 Mighty Dinos have taken over the world and created a modern, global community on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Mighty Dino is unique in their own way, varying in personality and look.

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The collection


Allocation of funds

Funds will be allocated towards collaborations, strategic marketing, and community building.


We will occasionally airdrop surprises to holders of Mighty Dinos.


Mighty Dino merch gets unlocked, featuring limited edition tees and other goodies.


Dinosaurs are a large part of many childhoods. This part of our planet’s history presents an entirely new world to children in which they can develop an aptitude for science as well as just further their imaginative and creative side. As a way to give back, we want our community to choose from a selection of charities meant to support and help children. By becoming a part of the community, you will have a direct influence on where funds will go and which charity we will support. 5% of our proceeds will go to the charity chosen.